• Latest bible codes 2019

    Latest bible codes 2019

    This has always been my policy and will always remain my policy. Ezekiel :1 Again the word of the LORD came unto me, saying, 2 Son of man, speak to the children of thy people, and say unto them, When I bring the sword upon a land, if the people of the land take a man of their coasts, and set him for their watchman: 3 If when he seeth the sword come upon the land, he blow the trumpet, and warn the people; 4 Then whosoever heareth the sound of the trumpet, and taketh not warning; if the sword come, and take him away, his blood shall be upon his own head.

    But he that taketh warning shall deliver his soul. You were told to watch for it on this website! Fulfilledclick here to learn what happened! Fulfilledclick here to see what the March 14th event was! Fulfilledclick here to learn about the March 21, Event. Jesus led me to repeatedly tell you to watch Feb.

    It was stated that Feb. Learn more about the prophetic warnings to watch these dates and their fulfillment in the links below.

    "Is There Any Truth To Bible Code?" Truth Set Free Q&A

    Says that Assad must go. On those dates, we saw huge news events that were strong foreshadowings of the future Abomination of Desolation, Strong Delusion and World War 3. Also, Jesus led me to prophesy in advance that there would be a fake Jesus to appear in the sky that would occur on April 1,but that it would really be the demonic Son of Perdition "antichrist".

    This was fulfilled! Fulfilled : On Sept. People should not discount the importance of this week's events. Saudi Arabia and Iran are in the process of war! They are striking one another! Don't let mainstream media fool you. Don't let the absence of "breaking news" reports fool you. There is a major war ongoing in the Middle East! Iran has been striking targets for several weeks now!

    Iran continues to seize oil tankers, pretty much every week now. Most people are blind to this war, but that doesn't mean that the war is not real. For people who have eyes to see, and ears to hear, and are staying alert as Jesus told us to do, we see the reality of this war.

    And it is only increasing and will never decrease until Jesus returns.

    Bible Code Revealing True Cause of CoronaVirus Just Discovered

    Shortly, supplies will be in greater demand and will be very expensive and harder to find. Prepare now! Normally, I would never recommend any horror movie or such book. But this movie was very realistic to the end time situation of how most people who sit on the fence will die out, leaving pretty much just the armies of good versus evil.

    I felt compelled, and even led by God to keep sharing the movie and encouraging people to watch it.

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    At the time, I didn't understand the full implications of the movie and God leading me in repeating the encouragement for people to watch the movie. But nevertheless, I allowed God to speak through me and move and work through me.

    Even as late as December and perhaps JanuaryI texted only the words "Captian Trips" to everyone who was receiving the ministry newsletter notifications at that time. Jesus was pushing me more and more to warn the people of the upcoming virus epidemic although I did not realize the full meaning myself. I did not know that the coronavirus epidemic was coming. But Jesus did.Searching for patterns is how we make sense of the world.

    We look for meaning in the often-overwhelming chaos by making connections between symbols and events. Some times these are meaningful discoveries, resulting in good science and breakthrough insights.

    Other times, these patterns may lead nowhere but still help us focus energies on what's important. One intriguing source of patterns that has emerged thanks to our development of computers is the Bible. Among humanity's oldest and arguably most influential pieces of writing, the Bible has been studied and analyzed phrase by phrase by countless scholars and devotees.

    But what computers have allowed us to do, thanks to the work of Israeli mathematicians, is to see that the ancient text may be not only an intricately-weaved collection of spiritual stories and teachings but a code that speaks to the inner workings of history. His book claimed to use the earliest parts of the Bible to predict the assassination of the Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, the Gulf war, and comet collisions. It also seemed to have information about the Holocaust, various other assassinations like those of JFK and his brother Robert.

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    It similarly suggested a nuclear war was looming — a theme the author explored in subsequent books of the "Bible Code" series. They presented statistical evidence that information about the lives of famous rabbis was encoded in the Hebrew text of the Book of Genesis, hundreds of years before those rabbis lived.

    Eliyahu Rips is one of the world's leading experts on group theory and is the scientist who got most closely associated with the "Bible Code" hypothesis, even though the software used to implement the word search was designed by both Rips and Witztum.

    Rips later distanced himself from Drosnin's book. In a statement on the matter, he pointed out that he didn't make or support some of the specific predictions Drosnin claimed. Nonetheless, Rips wrote quite clearly that " the only conclusion that can be drawn from the scientific research regarding the Torah codes is that they exist and that they are not a mere coincidence.

    To get a word with some meaning, this method calls you to pick a starting point in a text and a skip number. And then, start selecting letters while skipping the same number of spaces every time pretty much in any direction.

    If you're lucky, a sensible word will be spelled out. This method works well if letters are arranged in an array, like this one —. The Bible Code made a recent re-appearance in the public consciousness thanks to the work of author and fourth-generation antiques expert Timothy Smith. His book "The Chamberlain Key" describes how following 25 years of research, he unlocked a "God code" in the Bible.

    He calls his book "the Da Vinci Code on steroids, but it's true. Smith's decoding work is based on his own ancient copy of the Bible titled "The Leningrad Codex" - it's the oldest complete manuscript of the Hebrew Old Testament. Smith used a computer-driven application of the ELS method, as well as code-breaking techniques and his intimate knowledge of ancient and aboriginal ceremonial devices like scepters, crowns and thrones to arrive at his reading of the Bible.

    Smith is a devout Christian and his conclusions revolve around Christian motifs. In particular, he claims to have found detailed informations about Jesus's birth, crucifixion and resurrection within a passage in Genesis.

    The book has received a special on the History channel and a documentary series is being made about the travels leading to Smith's discoveries. David McKillop, the executive producer for Jupiter Entertainment, which is creating the TV series, said that "Tim's quest is the ultimate treasure hunt for one of history's greatest mysteries, and his map is an ancient text that could possibly be talking to us.

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    If you think there can't possibly be any pattern in the Bible and other long texts may produce similar results - there are studies for you too.

    The Australian computer scientist Brendan McKay famously came up with a table of assassination predictions in "Moby Dick". While the Bible or "Torah Codes" can be criticized, there is scholarly evidence that ancient writers of the Bible, like Matthew, "consciously used numerical patterns or codes in their compositions," as writes Dr. Another factor we should keep in mind that our understanding of how time and history work very much depends on our frame of reference.The study and results from this cipher have been popularized by Michael Drosnin's book The Bible Code.

    Many examples have been documented in the past by three Israeli mathematicians in the scholarly journal Statistical Science. Since then many codes have been found that prove beyond doubt that God authored and encoded the original Torah and Tanakh remaining books of the Old Testament. Daniel "But thou, O Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, until the time of the end:.

    Proverbs It is the glory of God to conceal a thing; but the glory of kings is to search out a matter.

    latest bible codes 2019

    No Torah Code Researcher can dispute this finding. Odds of over 1 in 12 Million. He had to be born preterm for the Tetrad to Pentecost conception for the birth to align properly. Military Trained in Encoding and Decoding messages for the battlefield. How He returns like lightning from East to West and scripture confirmation of where He returns Countries of the Eagles. Since this is a region shared by both countries, and both countries use the "eagle" as their symbol, it sym bolically is where "the eagles be gathered" Matthew When his Holy Spirit descended from the clouds in the Middle East Jerusalemit entered our realm with a flash like lightning, and instantly traveled to the West U.

    The Bible - Torah Codes. The following Codes show without a doubt that the Messiah Has Arrived! Some people are skeptical, but Daniel tells us " Since this is the computer age, when the hidden messages can be decoded, it makes perfect sense. Many Israelis have been waiting for the Passover ofbecause this was when the Torah the first 5 books of the Bible said that the Messiah would be revealed to Israel, and begin their redemption.

    The Torah Code said it would happen on the evening of April 12th.

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    This video will help explain what unfolded, and show the actual Torah Code evidence. Jump to Top.After a flurry of stories about the mysterious Planet X, commonly known as Nibiru, appeared from January to May of this year, talk of Nibiru went quiet over the past few months.

    The appearance of Nibiru is associated with severe flooding, untold devastation and loss of life. Most predictions for the appearance of Nibiru ranged from March 24 — April 30,which was the period between the Jewish holidays of Purim and Passover.

    Bible Code Predictions 2019

    These dates have already passed, with no sign of Nibiru. On March 17,Breaking Israel News reported that there were some alternate dates suggested. One was September 28,which is remarkably close to two new dates that international Bible Codes expert Rabbi Matityahu Glazerson found in recent Bible codes tables.

    In companion videos published on July 22 and August 1Glazerson found the dates of September 23 and 24, connected to the concept of Nibiru. Turning to the computer program that helps him find Bible codes, Glazerson pointed out the code for asteroid and the code for Nibiru appear very close together.

    Nearby, there are three separate codes that represent the current Hebrew yearwhich corresponds to More specifically, in the same table, he found two separate codes for the 20th day of the Hebrew month of Elul, which this year corresponds to Friday, September He also pointed out a Bible code for iyomthe Hebrew word that means a threat.

    The codes in this second video, which place the appearance of Nibiru on September 24,are connected to the mystical secrets of Judaism. Nevertheless, it is clear that, in Bible codes, there is a threat from a star called Nibiru. On the other hand, there are tens of thousands of websites that claim to debunk the existence of Nibiru. Glazerson described having been inspired by a headline from a video about an alleged government cover up of the Nibiru story to look for corresponding Bible codes.

    There are no pictures.What God is saying by Hurricanes of Because, 70 jubilees elapse from the Conquest to AD April 5, Blood-Moon Prophecy for Israel! Jesus said, "There will be signs in the sun and moon Click here for Full Document. Notice that we are currently in the exact middle of a massive year cycle, which takes the shape of two menorahs! Click to enlarge. I discovered the above eclipse while working on the below automated calendar.

    Interestingly, 3. There are exactly 3. Sinai and exactly 3. See Rev. Such a configuration of timing testifies to the accuracy of the traditional BC of modern scholarship as the date of the Exodus. And about the UN vote for Palestinian non-member observer state.

    How these Numbers Spell: "Be Strengthened! Be Strong! Click here for the meaning of this astounding sign. Updated Nov. Mecca to be Destroyed Like Sodom and Gomorrah? A thunderstorm rolled in over Mecca Mekkah when the temperature was at degrees.

    latest bible codes 2019

    Why was this record hot rain a sign from God? Click here for more. And why is it named "Isaac"? Isaac may also end the US drought. See earlier article about drought.

    I will be brief! Over the years, we have been closely following the various numeric patterns that begin with the seven-year famine of Joseph as recorded in the bible. For example, the below chart has been on the internet for about 15 years. Over the past ten years or so, we have predicted weather-related events among many other things by the above numeric. For examplelast year the exact days when three record tornado outbreaks would occur, as well as 20 hurricanes, were laid out on this website before they happened.Check out our newest articles and latest Bible code discoveries.

    Keep up with significant code findings about topics making the headlines as well as the End Times. We introduce you to who we are and outline our financial situation. We answer key questions about Bible code software programs.

    We outline the history of code researchdiscuss whether we need Bible codesand offer precautions about Bible codes.

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    We also offer guidelines for doing code research and articles for technically advanced readers. The Controversy We expose top Bible code myths and present a series of discoveries so improbable that no code skeptic could find similar examples in non-encoded texts.

    We also present articles on what we believe to be the bottom line about the codes. Have a friend with no Internet access?

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    Print out our Tell a Friend page for them. Links We are pleased to provide links to other Bible code sites, including those of skeptics. For anyone who is struggling, there is Practical Help from the Bible. For students of the Bible and beginning code researchers, we provide links to Hebrew Bible and language resource sites.

    For those interested in hearing interviews with our Director Ed Sherman, we provide links for downloads of television and radio interviews. We make it easy to subscribecontact usor visit our online store.

    latest bible codes 2019

    Just click on the picture of the book. To view past issues of the Digest, click on Subscribers at the top of the page. You will need to be a Subscriber to view this page. Thank you for visiting BibleCodeDigest.

    To read more about this groundbreaking book, click hereor click below to order from Amazon today! How to.This site presents the essence of Torah Codes, summarizing the research from the pioneers of the field from through mid-Aug Update Oct 31 : New decade, new video and new website! A new video proving the phenomenon is here. Update Oct 31 : Would you like me to find your name in the codes? Please see these updated instructions. See also this page for the latest developments. Update Oct 27 : Announcing a landmark book on the codes, a beautiful step forward in spreading Torah code awareness, written in simple language by a friend, a gentleman and a scholar, Rabbi Ephraim Roitman.

    Includes profound discoveries and blossoming lines of research: Available here. Torah Codes are equally spaced letters forming meaningful words and phrases in the original Hebrew Bible, the Torah.

    The topic was discussed in the Middle Ages by leading Kabbalists. Its study was formalized in the late 's by Professor Eliyahu Rips. Sinceit has been my great privilege to learn from him and other leading scientists in the field biographies here. This site presents the essence of our ongoing investigation. Several of our peer-reviewed papers are presented here. Our work has also received approbations and encouragement from some of the leading Rabbis of our generation. With the right mix of curiosity and perseverance anyone can reap the reward of a rare and abiding kind of new knowledge - a knowledge introduced thousands of years ago and unlocked only now.

    Quick start: see the summary page. Details: see this page for how the code worksfollowed by the newest evidence presented here. We avoid abuses that result from incorrect methods which unfortunately make their way into some of the more popular codes books and forums.

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    These abuses result in apocalyptic predictions or backing of particular religious doctrines, and they stem from a serious lack of rigor, defined here. They involve statistically meaningless "codes" that can be found in any text.

    We focus on simple patterns of encoded words, such as the Names of Hashem G-dwith significance not remotely approached by one million searches of comparison texts. The results remain unexplained, despite attempts to discredit the work. These attempts are by and large arguments about work done in the late s and have all been addressed by the steady stream of results since then.

    First, for centuries, Rabbis and sages have written about the primordial light from Genesisfrom the Garden of Eden. They indicate that the light was hidden away, but is destined to return. Perhaps we are seeing a few of its rays reflected in this code:.

    Second, the codes are not limited to ancient events, as we see in the following and in many other exampes:. The codes exhibit statistically very rare patterns not seen in ordinary texts.


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