• 22 grendel velocity

    22 grendel velocity

    I saw the need for this round because while others shoot heavy bullets fast none have the ballistics I desired. When shooting a 6. I also thought they could be improved upon. A good friend of mine shoots a 6mm and improved variant of the 6. It is an amazing Improvement to the 6. I knew that the longer and thinner the bullets were the more economic they become.

    Right in the middle of the development of this round I found that Federal had introduced the. The Grendel was built upon the idea that you could buy factory ammo and shoot beyond yards above the speed of sound with a 90 grain Sierra Matchking. The 90 grain Sierra Matchking is an incredible bullet because it has a G1 ballistic coefficient of. The Grendel eclipses the Valkyrie in that it has a greater case capacity and more common parts i. These are super sonic beyond yards in my experience.

    The parts available get you selection and quality parts. I recommend Redding Type S 6. You could also just buy the dies and the. My brass that is pre-sized.

    I will be making an order of custom FL sizing dies from Redding in the near future. I will tell you to start with 28gr and work up to around fps. Skip to content My first product is the. Reloading I recommend Redding Type S 6. Previous Post Previous Hello world!Print Thread. Hop To. Joined: Aug Great Lakes.

    Lots to think about.

    The Myth of Barrel Length and Velocity Loss

    Thanks all for the input. I'll be comparing v AR for a bit. I've got some time as all the gunsmiths I know are scratching their heads with new ATF regs. Joined: Feb No doubt the bullets I mention suck on paper, but to yds, they will do quite nicely in an OEM Check out a TNT at and let me know of anyone that will stand out there at and take one. Not shooting 1k. Beyond I would chose a V-max No doubt a high bc in 22 or 6mm launched well can do wonders, but I'd venture to say more often then not, yotes are taken well within the max distance the OP plans to shoot.

    Any round is going to have to be dialed in at LR, it's just a matter of how much Kentucky Windage you need on each specific shot. Right now I'm thinking of leaving the as is. When I get this project rolling it will either be an AR or I know a place that has decent used 's from time to time. I'm not a huge AR fan but I live in Michigan real close to the "restricted deer zone " line.

    22 grendel velocity

    Like a half mile north into the real gun zone. The restricted zone requires a straight walled case 1. Outside of deer season there is no restriction. I didn't make the law but, I agree it's kind of stupid.

    Not the cheapest route though. My AI is still in the wind and nothing will be happening until that gets back and things get figured out. Reason: Friggin I phone auto correct. Joined: Sep Originally Posted by Lil Fish. Good suggestion with the.

    Now before I setup any more staged photos I need to figure out why my windows always taste like Retard spit. Joined: Jan Big Stick. Bless your heart. He is very GOOD people,knows his schit,ships fast and a pleasure to do bidness with. I generally have barrels from him,show up in 'bout 3 days,so it's immediate gratification and they shoot lights out.

    Prodigy class code

    Will of course chop it to 20" or so,but it's the last one he had and I'm no good at lingering. Harrison can have you a 22 Grendel spout,extension,bolt and dies,just as quickly.The 6. It is an improved variation of the 6. The name "6.

    Shotgun sight picture two beads

    Constrained by the dimension of the magazines, the Grendel designers decided to use a shorter, larger diameter case for higher powder volume while allowing space for long, streamlined, high- ballistic coefficient BC bullets. Firing factory-loaded ammunition with bullets ranging from 90 to grains 5. Depending on their case material and bullet, 6. The case head diameter of the Grendel is the same as that of the.

    Highway ca

    This diameter is larger than the 5. Proponents assert that the Grendel is a middle ground between the 5. It retains greater terminal energy at extended ranges than either of these cartridges due to its higher ballistic coefficient. In order to obtain ballistics that are superior to the 7. To achieve the same results from shorter length barrels, even heavier bullets are needed. As noted above, the Grendel case is very closely related to the. In general, each additional grain of bullet weight will reduce muzzle velocity by Specific details are available as graphs derived from Alexander Arms' public domain load table linked below.

    Serbia is in process of adopting a rifle made by Zastava Arms [13] in 6. An American-manufactured rifle in 6. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Alexander Arms. Archived from the original on January 9, Retrieved Shooting Times.

    22 grendel velocity

    Retrieved March 8, Archived from the original on Gun Digest Books.Found a 20" and a 24". Been thinking back and forth. Both are close enough in price that it shouldn't be considered.

    I have an SKS for shorter range stuff. Dust, The 24" barrel may give fps greater velocities over the 20" barrel. I had this same debate, and ordered a 20" from PF.

    Of course mine will primarily be a hunting rig where mobility is more important. As discussed on this forum target shooting and hunting are two different games, you will have to decide which will be your primary use and buy accordingly.

    6.5 Grendel 20 inch AR build

    Okay, both have disappeared, got strung along for a week with lemme get back to you's, and missed the Overwatch. This week I get a PM saying "I have a 20" medium bull with quad-rail that my wife doesn't want anymore. More details on the 20" medium bull I am waiting for pics, then sending money, then heading to the AA website and dropping another few bens there.

    I have had both barrel lengths and would never get another 24 inch barrel unless it's sole purpose was shooting from the bench. I've heard a lot of people make similar comments, but I don't understand it. My main non-ar guns are and Winchester magnums, with 24 and 26 inch barrels. Yes they are a little heavier, but 4 inch on an already short gun ar15 just isn't all that much imho. If it's your only gun and you do a lot of brush walking I can understand, but otherwise, I just don't see it as being that gawd awful.

    I like the extra fps for hunting. Good luck finding -anything out there! I agree, I just put stuff on back order from several places. Now the wait. All rights reserved.The 22 Nosler is actually longer than the.

    The Nosler Corporation has been running gangbusters on new cartridges in the last few years, setting their own field of chamberings from sleek long-rangers to heavy hitting hunters. Think 26, 28, 30, and 33 Nosler. Doing that means trumping one of the most adored and accepted calibers on the planet — the. And they succeeded with this baby-Nosler, boasting greater case volume, velocity, and energy.

    There is no parent cartridge. The closest design out there is the 6. Or, you could say it is a Win that has been shortened, necked down to 22 caliber, and given the aforementioned shoulder and rim rebatement. Photo: Kristin Alberts. Bolt face dimensions are identical for both the classic. SAAMI max pressure for both the. Due to the larger circumference of the 22 Nosler round, however, it will neither seat nor feed from from a.

    Rather, mags from the more similarly sized 6. Blowup of spec comparisons from SHOT display. In fact, if you put a or inch barrel on the same 22 Nosler rifle, shooters can nearly match the performance of the non-semi-auto-friendly Brass, dies, and components are also already available from Nosler, and now RCBS and Redding are also adding 22 Nosler dies to their catalogues. This is not yet a cheap rifle to shoot, and as such, will attract plenty of handloaders, both to customize the loads and save some cash.

    22 grendel velocity

    Load data here. The Varmageddon partnership of Noveske and Nosler chambered in 22 Nosler. The neat thing is that you need not buy a new rifle to fire the 22 Nosler. All the transformation technically requires is a barrel and mag swap, with the 6. We just did a full review of the Noveske Varmaggedon rifle in 22 Nosler forthcomingand that will be a tough one to beat if money is no object. Nosler displayed full rifles in 22 Nosler from not only Colt, but also these three from top-bottom: War Sport, Noveske, and Stoner.

    Just when you thought the 22 Nosler was only for AR-platform semi-autos, think again. They have been producing limited numbers of their Nosler Model 48 chambered in this new round. What is the expected barrel life of the 22 Nosler? The average user will never have to worry about wear or replacement. The round uses small rifle primers. Naturally, full-length resizing is highly recommended for sure functioning in AR-platforms.

    Rua rui orlando ft matias damasio

    Reloading is otherwise very straightforward with a plethora of caliber bullet weights out there. The Sig P is a widely carried defensive pistol, it has many variations but today we're taking a look at Big game hunters shopping for a well-built wheelgun with stopping power need look no further than this handful. The CZ line of gas-less semi-automatic shotguns is not only new to the company but fairly new to the My Account See Cart.

    The Guns. Business end of the 22 Nosler Varmageddon. Latest Headlines. Latest Reviews.Well this myth is still going on strong even though it was put to bed more than fifty years ago. Phil Sharpe was, in his day, perhaps the biggest experimenter of all things guns and at a time when very few could afford such accommodations.

    His own ballistics lab was only rivaled by those of the ammunition factories, and it became known to handloaders big and small that if you wanted a load tested, Phil was your man. In Sharpe performed just such a test with a.

    He would fire a round then saw off one inch of the barrel. When the experiment started, the barrel was inches down and when it was over it was inches. This fairly simple experiment would lead Sharpe to conclude many things about barrel length and muzzle velocity, things that are just as true today as they were back inthough unfortunately few then or now ever really listened to them.

    The myth at the time and one I still hear is that there is a rule of 25 fps lost for every inch of barrel taken away: Sharpe proved that wrong. Sharpe proved that the average loss was really about 12 fps for every inch lost, hardly something to fret over. Some loads even gained some velocity with the shorter barrels over the longer ones.

    Even so, I doubt any deer, moose or bear would really know the difference between the same load hitting him at a difference of fps or so. How could this be? Well it goes back to yet another myth, also long ago proven wrong. This is the myth that smokeless powder continues to burn the full length of the barrel.

    Homer Powley, who was perhaps the best ballistician of his day, found that all smokeless powder gets burned up right in front of the cartridge and even the most powerful magnum rounds burn their powder at the closest three inches to the cartridge. The reason you look down your barrel and see so much unburned powder is because the wrong powder has been matched to that cartridge. A properly matched round will only have a small amount of powder left to look at.

    So what about those nice super long barreled rifles meant for super long distances? It will do the same job—and you can carry it all day! A friend of mine who has forgotten more about ballistics and reloading than I will probably ever know long ago showed me his results from similar tests with identical guns of different barrel lengths.

    His weapon of choice in the brush and rough terrain was a Remington carbine in.Robert Whitley has a new. The goal was to create a low-recoil but high-BC round to use in AR-platform match rifles. Based on the performance Whitley is getting, we think this wildcat would also be an excellent bolt-gun round.

    I also have reloading dies for the. Above you can see the new AR Mag cartridge right next to a. You cannot properly load the 82s to mag length in a. In addition you have bullets like the. This cartridge really can spit them out fast! See load data below. Start low and work up.

    6.5mm Grendel

    Berger 82gr BT Berger 90gr BT Share the post "New. Tags: 6. Whoa,that there is some mighty good stuff. Personaly, my miniscule opinion is good use of a Grendel Humbley yours, lessdrop.

    I routinely shoot my 6. Not all that good, but that is as good as I am. This is shooting the grain bullet; ergo, I see little use for s. Also, is the accuracy of the 90 grainer up to the standards of 6. As an FYI, the 6. The As well as im sure much less barrel life. With a muzzle brake, I have never had any problems with recoil with the Grendel.

    I suspect you are correct in regards to a shorter barrel life. Sometimes trade-offs are a muther……. The 6. I am pushing eld with FPS velocity out of a 5r barreled 24 inch rig. With a muzzle brake it recoils less than a bolt gun. I have reloaded the 90 grain stuff in my with pressure signs at FPS using variety of powders.


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