• 125 motorbike automatic

    125 motorbike automatic

    When it comes to buying a motorbike today, one thing you should always focus on is the transmission.

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    For many riders, the concept of handling the changing and editing of gears as they ride is deeply frustrating. If you would like to avoid that issue, then we recommend that you take a look at getting an automatic motorbike instead. At Direct Bikes, we sell a fin range of different motorbikes in this style. This should help you to quickly and easily make the changes that you need starting from today.

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    For anyone considering buying a motorbike, you need to make sure you get the right transmission. They feel simply safer and more comfortable riding a bike of this particular style.

    Instead, you can just hit the various changes that you need in speed by pulling on the accelerator. You can then pick up the pace quickly and easily, helping you to move forward. As the name suggests, this is a cc motorbike. Powered using a cc engine, you are going to be capable of hitting speeds of up to and including 60 miles per hour. Can you see why that might be beneficial to you if you are looking to drive quickly and swiftly?

    At 60mph with an automatic transmission, you can really pick up speed without anything like the same issues and challenges. For most riders, it simply feels easier to ride without having to change gears.

    With the constant need to fluctuate from one speed to the next, the automatic nature can actually make your life a little bit easier. You will have one less thing to worry about and focus on, meaning that you can drive so much swifter than before. For most riders, it simply removes another thing to consider. To ride a motorbike at the cc range, you need to be the age of seventeen or above.

    At Direct Bikes, we can sell you an automatic motorbike so long as you have the three following attributes:. We always recommend that younger drivers challenge themselves to find the best bike that they can for their own personal interests. If you are shopping with Direct Bikes, then you will be happy to know just how affordable a Direct Bikes vehicle is. If you buy an automatic motorbike from us, then you will be buying a great vehicle.

    One thing that you will find when buying a motorbike from Direct Bike is that you are making a wise investment. You will be buying from a reputable company that understands the importance of selling you a long-term solution.

    Instead, you just get a much more robust, simplistic buying experience. You can quickly and easily make the purchase through our website, ensuring that you get a simply sublime experience.Make Yamaha. I have too many motorcycles to ride on a regular basis and am selling 1 or 2. Do your research on this Yamaha or send me your name and phone number and I will call you to discuss.

    Fully automatic transmission with fuel injection and electric start. Will travel mph with a pound rider. Great shape. Minor blemishes as you would expect for only miles. Mileage may go up a little as I will probably ride this scooter in the coming week.

    I am the second owner and have owned the motorcycle for 2 years. Recently serviced with oil and oil filter. If the motorcycle sells for my asking price, I will include a FREE aluminum hitch mounted scooter carrier.

    The carrier is used, but in great shape. As long as you have a 2 inch receiver on your vehicle, we can load up the scooter for your ride home. I have 2 aluminum scooter carriers and you get to choose the one you want. Most jurisdictions require a motorcycle endorsement for this size engine, but because this scooter does not have any emblems, some riders skip the license and ride anyway.

    Right now, this motorcycle is titled, licensed and insured in South Carolina. I can pick you up at the Charlotte airport if needed. CASH upon pickup. For our safety, I can meet you at the local Bank of America with the motorcycle and clear South Carolina title in my name ready to sign over. Thanks for your interest. Make Taotao. Model Automatic Kids Quad.

    Model cc. Model Utility. Special Online Price. Price subject to change without notice. Phone customer service for current price and availibility. Price subject to change without notice, Call customer service for avaibility.

    If you need a Christmas gift This is it!! Make Bls. Ground Clearance: 11"Dry Weight: 26"Max. Visit our showroom to see this in person! Great Sports is located at W. Other times available by appointment. Call for more information! Make SSR Motorsports.

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    Ground Seat Height 29 in. Wheel Base 44 in.Why do you see so many more, single-cylinder, retro cc motorbikes on the streets in Europe? Well simply, there are restrictions on displacement and power output, by rider age. Not to mention the prohibitive cost of a full motorcycle licence.

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    All of the above combined means that, many motorcyclists in Europe and the UK, initially start by thrashing around on cc bikes. More importantly, they really help you to hone your roadcraft before trading up. That drama namely being; spending time with a non-runner, on the side of the road. The more practical option is to opt for a new or nearly-new, learner-friendly cc motorcycle, that will almost guarantee to keep you on the road, in preparation for the day that you decide to upgrade your licence.

    All of that has changed. Initially, it was customising Herald Motor Co. The attention to detail and quality of the parts on each Mutt bike is exceptional. Despite not being the first such manufacturer of the new wave of learner legal, retro cc motorcycles, Herald Motor Co. Cambridgeshire UK along with Mutt Motorcycles can be credited with truly increasing the demand for small displacement retro motorcycles — at least on this side of the North Sea and Channel.

    Both were released in December The older Classic cc can very easily be customised to look like a Mutt at low cost. Of French origin, Bullit Motorcycles offers new riders a cc cafe racer experience, within the cc retro motorcycle segment. The Spiritis its flagship model, which was launched in Bullit is a fun brand with seriously, high-quality components.

    One look at the inverted forks on the Spirit cc tells you it means as much business as a cc can. Bullit appeals to the learner-legal market but also experienced riders who are seeking a fun, great-looking small retro motorcycle — maybe as a commuter or weekend plaything. The manufacturer takes its inspiration from the late sixties and early seventies era of motorcycle design. The Mash Black 7, is an elegant looking roadster, that looks like a much bigger bike.

    You may find yourself being challenged by riders of bigger bikes at the lights were it not for the L plates. FB Mondial was founded by two brothers in the first half of the 20th century and who manufacturing motorcycles in The Italian marque dominated racing for over 8 years, between and The bike has a distinctive modern style, fused with retro cues and will certainly get you noticed.

    Based in Brighton, Sinnis Motorcycles can take credit for disrupting the cc market by initially offering the RetroStar and TrackStar. Sinnis was arguably at the forefront, of utilising small robust Japanese-derived engines built in China and then adding higher quality components, to create unique classic-inspired machines. So there we have it. This sector of the motorcycle market is expanding rapidly — with manufacturers promising new bikes, as their sales grow.

    So expect to see a revised list at some point in the coming year. Remember Me.For the motorcycle enthusiast who considers themselves a purest at heart, like myself. The idea of an automatic transmission on a motorcycle is almost sacrilegious. Most bike riders even view cruisers as have certain elements of sports performance.

    There is simply something to be said for having the ability to shift the gears manually and control speed and breakdown. When are riding, especially in stop and start conditions, there can be a lot of up-shifting and down-shifting. Having an automatic motorcycle eliminates the hassle. The automatic motorcycle refers to a bike that does not require levers to be pulled and gears to be shifted manually. In these days, all of these is done by an onboard computer that senses when the gears need to be changed upward or downward.

    There are a wide variety of automatic motorcycles on the market, but there are no all created equally. This article will present the top automatic motorcycles on the market that cannot be classified as scooters. You will never confuse this gorgeous machine with a scooter.

    Contrary to popular opinion. There are some automatic motorcycles out there that have a lot of power, and this is one of them. In fact, this bike as fared well in drag races against more conventional bikes in controlled environments. With this bike, you can switch between going fully automatic or semi-automatic in which you have to shift the gears.

    Either way, there is no manual clutch involved. The CTX is more of a touring design that is built for comfort over longer rides. The touring style fairing is optional on this bike.

    According to the reviews, this is actually one of the most relaxed tourers on the market currently.

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    The ride comfort conjoined with the automatic transmission makes for a very easy ride without any hassle associated with conventional bikes. I have to say that I am surprised to see Aprilia throw their hat into the automatic motorcycle ring. Aprilia is known for their sports bikes and high-speed performance.

    This is a good bike to break away from Honda for a while, but we are done with Honda just yet. This bike uses CVT continuously variable transmission. This is a touring bike that is built for an entirely different type of rider. This bike can make you feel right at home in the dirt, but it translates to the street seamlessly. This makes this bike one of the most versatile automatic bikes on the market. This is an idea for the adventure sports enthusiast. Well, if you just have to go automatic, this bike right here makes it all justifiable.

    The bike is so unique that is virtually impossible to place it in a classification. It is in a world all its own. The sleek design makes it stand out. And, pushing ccs means that it has enough power to get you where you want to go.

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    The ride is far from sluggish. Not only is this an automatic motorcycle, but it is also an electric powered bike. So, are we talking the best of both worlds type of performance? Despite the fact that we are dealing with an automatic transmission and electric power, this bike is the most performance-oriented electric powered bike on the market. You can push the bike to the limits while reducing your carbon footprint.Hello, I don't know much about motorbikes and I would like to get a cc automatic bike not a scooterin the UK.

    I was told there are many options but I'm having a hard time finding examples online. Could someone please tell me what are some decent options for a cc automatic motorbike in ? Thanks a lot! Maenam wrote: I was told there are many options. Does it have to be automatic?

    Automatic 125cc Motorcycles for sale

    Gears aren't difficult to get the hang of. Maenam wrote: Automatic or a semi-automatic, I guess. Evil Hans wrote: Maenam wrote: I was told there are many options. But what's the problem? I just finished my CBT on a cc manual and it's a hassle, I don't like it. I want to get the proper license so that I can take a passenger so I wanted to get something to practice on for the tests.

    Maenam wrote: There's no real problem, I just like the simplicity and ease of use of automatic. But it's scooter body or nothing or get very luckyI'm afraid. Does it have to be ? It has a torque converter and two forward gears high and low that have to be manually selected by the rider. There is a gear position indicator in lieu of a tachometer in the instrument binnacle.

    A parking brake replaced the clutch lever. This model has 28mm Keihin carburettors which lower the peak power in exchange for low-down response. There was also a Rokonbased on a Polars snow-moble, that was also sold as a Can-Am and possibly a bombardier in the US, which is probably the more genuine 'automatic motorcycle transmission'. Most listed are also quirks of the 70's, stimulated by the suggestion the US market wanted them, that never really took off, and demo'd the 'problems' with them, which is significantly that most aren't geuine automatics.

    There are probably other bikes that might claim to be auto or semi auto, and some consensus or contention with DVLA as to whether they are or not, that could include the Duel Clutch 'switch change' gearboxes used o some more modern Honda's.

    125 motorbike automatic

    Baically, the early twist and go mopeds, didn't have an 'automatic transmission'. They ran a fixed reduction ratio between crank and driven wheel, and a 'centrifugal' automatic clutch, engaged when weights thrown out by centrifugal force of crank speed made shoes take up drive, or partial drive in slip.

    The 'clutchless' semi-auto or crunch box Honda Cub step through, added a conventonal gearbox to this; so you could 'pre-select' a gear and ride it as a twist and go, or you 'might' roll off the throttle to disengage the cetrifugal clutch and 'crunch-change' gears on the move. The Boss Hoss! Is a Cheverolet Car engine with a wheel bolted at ether end! Wth a hge, low revg oster torque America V8 engine, it does without a geared transmission, lke a moped, but uses a car type Torque converter, instead of a centrifugal clutch.

    In the 'slip' rage between the fluid being churned by the engine, and locking out, giving direct drive between input paddle and drum, vanes inside the drum, direct fluid tipped off the paddle onto cups in the drum, to 'recoup' energy losses, and convert torque to power, providing a 'sort' of effective gear reduction in slip. This is essentially the common 'variator' transmission used on larger scooters.

    It wasn' anything particularly new n the 's, and a filly echanical verion was offeed on the British Zenith coffee-grinder motorcycle in the 's when belt drive bikes were still more popular than than drive ones.

    Basic priciple was that drive was transmitted between engine and wheel by a V-Belt, ad two pulleys.Today there are more learner-legal s than ever to choose from, ranging from nakeds to sportsbikes and more, with both new and used examples from almost all of the mainstream manufacturers to suit all styles, budgets and riders. It handles brilliantly, but drinks much more fuel than the other bikes here. Exposed frame looks stunning but is prone to getting scuffed. Read full Aprilia RS4 review here.

    125 motorbike automatic

    Essentially a supermoto-styled version of the RS4 sportster but built down to a more basic spec and thus more affordable pricethe SX, only introduced inhas a lot going for it: Easy, upright ergonomics although the tall seat, while narrow, will be intimidating to somegreat looks and performance plus a surprisingly affordable for an Aprilia price.

    Read full Aprilia SX review here. With cool styling, an LCD dash, inverted Showa forks and a peppy liquid-cooled motor, the CBR is great value for money, offering big bike feel in an L-plate-friendly package. Still a relatively new model, so more of an unknown than others here, but the Honda badge is more reassuring than most and the bulk of the mechanicals are proven.

    125 motorbike automatic

    Read full Honda CBR review here. The original model was pint-sized and, not to put too fine a point on it, a bit slower than the opposition. But from the styling got racier and was larger, too. Still not as sporty as the Yam, but cheaper, rugged and useable. But look for signs of a ham-fisted owner. High-mileage examples should have valve clearances checked a simple job. The electricals develop problems, particularly the voltage regulator.

    All-new forKawasaki have returned to the cc A1 class for the first time in 25 years with not just one, but two new learner lightweights.

    Top 10 125cc Motorcycles 2020 - Best bikes for CBT riders!

    The result is eye-catching, attractive, sporty and instantly identifiable as being part of the Ninja family. Performance is on par with the competition. Too new to be many used examples around yet. Read full Kawasaki Ninja review here. Classy, simple and fun supermoto-style single delivers the double act of being an easy to ride learner bike with bags of street cred.

    It was updated in when it received a new TFT dash plus a revised frame and styling, and now even has the option of integrating a smartphone with the dash, allowing the rider to access incoming calls and listen to music via a Bluetooth headset. Although Indian-built, the Austrian-designed Duke boasts a decent spec including WP suspension, and is fairly well built, too — as long as you watch out for the usual neglect and abuse.

    Read full KTM Duke review here. This faired, sports version of the Duke left features a lovely free-revving engine, handles well and boasts some neat touches like the side-mounted exhaust and bellypan combo. Built in India and quality control is variable. Electrical woes widely reported but fixed under warranty.

    Known to cough, splutter and cut out when cold and the gearbox is a bit on the weak side. It looks super, especially in the slightly pricier MotoGP colours and has remote keyless ignition, as well.

    The liquid-cooled Minarelli engine has been used in the YZF-R since and has proved reliable in that time.


    The baby MT is put together incredibly well so problems should be minimal. Read full Yamaha MT review here. Introduced inthe R took over as the sports to appeal to every red-blooded teenager thanks to its full-size proportions, full-quota performance and R6 looks. Yamaha saved cash by employing a steel frame and basic non-adjustable suspension, but its digital dash, underslung exhaust and Brembo brakes made up for that.In Motorcycles.

    So what exactly is it? How do you ride them? Who makes them? And which ones are the best? For the most part, most modern automatic bikes rely on a DCT system. One clutch controls the even gears, while the other controls the odd gears. Motorcycles with automatic transmissions come in a variety of flavors but for the most part they are as simple to operate as you would imagine.

    Since power is delivered directly through an electric motor, all you have to do is twist the throttle and go.

    125 motorbike automatic

    Firstly, your braking is going to be different. Some of these new bikes keep a conventional foot brake for the rear, but most have the rear brake on the handlebar where the clutch should be, just like a bicycle.

    Or at the very least, one worth trying before you judge it too harshly. Who would want one of these clutch-less machines? Well, there are a number of people who would infinitely prefer a less complex gateway into the motorcycling community.

    Automatic 125cc Motorcycles for sale

    Commuters who just need to get from A to B who are less concerned about executing perfect gear changes and more about getting to work on time are also prime customers.

    Now, automatic transmission DCT technology is not a new thing — and it has evolved into quite a cool system that allows riders to have a fully automatic experience, but with the possibility to manually change gears too, on some models.

    Boasting a liquid cool, two-cylinder cc engine that offers 51 horsepower and 45 lb — ft of torque. For the dual clutch transmission DCT version, riders have the option of going fully automatic or being able to control the gears via an upshift and downshift button mounted on the handlebars. Overall, the bike is agile, stable, has a low center of gravity, and comes with enough mod-cons to keep things interesting.

    The bike combines ease of use with freedom of design, and because it sports our lightweight and compact Dual Clutch Transmission, it delivers a ride that is fun, comfortable and exhilarating — just what CTXN is all about. Looking forward to a new era, we have taken up the challenge of developing bikes for the CTX Concept Series, bikes that will share the following distinctive characteristics: honest handling and feel, controllable performance and a powerful, horizontal design.


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